• OUD


    Sicilian Oud 12th century Body carved in palm wood (Phoenix dactilifera), goat leather soundboard. Silk treble strings, other strings in natural gut. Tuning: A2 D3 G3 C4, diapason cm.60. Euro 2000

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    Sicilian Rebab 12th century Two versions: entirely carved in cedar wood or with a ceramic body Goat leather soundboard, ornamental brass band, olive keyboard, natural gut strings, silk strings. Two strings: F4 C5, diapason cm.33 Euro 1200 Three strings: G3 C4 F4, diapason cm. 45 Euro 1400

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    Sicilian Gittern (Qitara) 12th century Body carved in palm wood (Phoenix dactilifera), goat leather soundboard. Silk treble strings, other strings in natural gut. Tuning: G3 C4 F4, string lenght cm. 45 Euro 1500

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    VIELLA , from sculpture in Nicosia Cathedral (Enna), XIV century. Head, neck and sound board carved in one piece of Fir, flat back in Cypress. Double melody strings, two other single strings on fret board, one drone string out of the fingerboard. Slightly curved bridge. Euro 2000

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    Body in white fir, sides, soundboard, neck in one piece. Back in poplar or flamed maple. Olive wood fingerboard. Diapason 38 cm. Euro 2000

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  • GIGA


    Giga 12th century Body carved in white fir, red spruce soundboard. 3 strings in natural gut. Diapason cm.28,5 Euro 1100

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    Citole Taken from the images of the Cantigas de S.Maria, 13th century. Interpretation of the leather soundboard. Body carved in fir wood. Diatonic keyboard with wooden keys, gut strings. Tuning G2 C3 F3 C4, diapason cm.62. Euro 1000

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    ITALIAN CETRA, from B. Antelami’s sculpture in Parma baptistery, XII century. I previously made many of these instruments with the standard technique: body/neck carved in one piece and sound board added. Now I carve the block upside-down, adding a flat back. EURO 1200,00

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    Psalteries Hammer psaltery Chartres model. Brass and iron strings. Body carved in poplar wood, pine bottom. Diatonic tuning F3 – A5, strings cm. 51- 16. With custom wooden case. Euro 2000 "Half qanun" psaltery with steel strings, double and single. Body carved in white fir, red spruce soundboard. Diatonic tuning D4 – E6, strings cm. 53,5 – 16. With custom wooden case. Euro 1200 "Butterfly" psaltery from Chartres Cathedral. Body carved in poplar wood, beech bottom. Diatonic tuning B3 – A5 (with central B and Bb), strings cm.43 – 10,5. With custom wooden case. Euro 1600

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    1. Baroque guitar “battente” Carved from red willow wood. Spruce soundboard. Olive keyboard. Bischeri in olive trees. Tuned a fourth above the standard guitar, string length cm. 57. Euro 3000

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    Traditional instruments from Calabria carved in the solid block. Various woods, natural gut strings. Euro 500/1000

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    1. Mandolin by Carmelo Catania, Catania, 1969. Playable. 500 euros 2. Mandolin by an anonymous author, early twentieth century, to be restored and Calace Mandolin, early twentieth century, to be restored. 3. Mandolin by an anonymous author, early twentieth century, restored and playable. 4. Twelve strings mandolin by Giuseppe Zurzi, Venice, 1905, restored and playable. 5. Milanese mandolin. Copy from an original from the late eighteenth century. Case with alternating cherry and cypress slats. Spruce soundboard, walnut neck and pegboards. Bischeri in olive trees. Nylon strings (Dogal), string length cm. 32. With custom-made wooden box. Euro 2000

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    Lyre with goat leather soundboard, pumpkin, wood or coconut shell body. Wooden or goat horn arms. 7 strings in natural gut Euro 1000 Kithara in fir and cypress wood, 8 strings in natural gut Euro 2000

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    ORGANISTRUM . Sound box carved from one piece of Red Willow, sound board, Spruce. Eleven keys, allowing to play two octaves full chromatic scale along the three gut strings. Two lines polyphonic playing with drone. EURO 3000/4000

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    I made instruments for:

    Stefano Albarello (Citole); Alfio Antico (Battente guitar); Francis Biggi (Vihuelas, Colascione); Michele Conti (Citole, Fiddles, Medieval Nyckelharp), Paola Erdas (Psaltery); Kalamos Ensemble (Mandocello, Guitar); Luigi Polsini (Viella); Gianfranco Russo (Ribeca); Andrea Schiavo (Baroque guitar); Giovanni Scaramozzino (Citole, bowed Lyre, Baroque mandolin).

    • Museo dell’Osterio Magno, Cefalù (Palermo), Italy: Qitara;
    • Museo civico di Atri (L’Aquila), Italy: Rebab;
    • Les Prieurales, Abbaie de Graville, Le Havre: Vielle ovale;
    • Instrumentarium de Chartres: Psalterion.


    • “Perugia Classico”, Italy, September 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001.
    • “Cagliari Classico”, Italy, Dicember 1999.
    • Workshops at Medieval festival “Le gaite”, Bevagna (PG) Italy, July 2000, 2001, 2002.
    • Rencontres de Lutherie APEMUTAM, Largentière, France, August 2011, 2012, 2013.
    • Festival Trobarea, la musique des troubadours. Grasse (Nice), France, September 2013.
    • Festival des Musiques des Troubadours au Chateau de Puivert, 9-10 juin 2012.
    • Colloques “L’instrumentarium du MoyenAge. La restitution du son” Paris-Chartres, avril 2014.
    • 11 Festival Les Prieurales, “De la pierre au son”, Le Havre, 20-25 juin 2015.
    • Journées des musique anciennes, Paris, Venves, Novembre 2016.

    Congress “The road to the stars”, INSAP X , OXFORD XI, SEAC 25th. Santiago de Compostela, 18-22 September 2017.

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